Image of Jelly Moulds Letterpress Greeting Card

Jelly Moulds Letterpress Greeting Card


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This greeting card was made on a letterpress which gives it a lovely tactile feeling of ridges and impressions. It would also look smashing framed on a wall.

The image is taken from the 1894 General Price List of the Army & Navy Cooperative Society, currently held in the University of Glasgow Archive Services. The Society regularly published an illustrated price list of all the goods they sold, arranged by department. Army and Navy stores were found throughout the UK and India. The two greatest jewels in the Stores’ crown were the enormous branches in Calcutta and Bombay, which functioned as travel agents, bankers, caterers, undertakers, and insurance brokers, as well as purveyors of the pith helmets, thunder-boxes, plum puddings and all the other myriad things listed in the Army and Navy’s catalogue, which ran to more than a thousand pages.

Gift wrapped in tissue paper

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