Image of Greeting Cards: Beato & De Meyer Collection

Greeting Cards: Beato & De Meyer Collection

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Featuring Japan late in the 19th and at the dawn of the 20th Century, including a real samurai just before the class was officially abolished, by the photographers Adolph de Meyer and Felice Beato.

The pair were some of the first commercial photographers to capture shots of The Land of the Rising Sun, just as it was opening up to the West. The set includes a self-portrait of de Meyer in a 1900 Japanese house.

They’ve even caught the eye of Louis Vuitton’s publishing house, which recently turned some of these images into a limited edition book. Faency!

A set of four A6 notecards, with kraft string-and-washer envelopes. Presented in a gift box and lovely enough to frame as mini works of art for the wall.

Presented wrapped in a gift box.

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