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Japanese Bathing Gift Set


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A limited edition wooden gift box, featuring a pick of seasonal finds. A thoughtful gift to encourage a special someone to treat themselves and unwind, inspired by Japanese bathing (onsen) culture. The set includes:

-A pair of bath slippers. Handmade in our London studio from Japanese cotton and felt, they're clean in design and modern in cut.

-A Furoshiki wash cloth. This Furoshiki is particularly special: made by the Kamawanu atelier in Japan, it is hand-dyed using the Chusen technique which dates back to the Meiji Period more than 100 years ago. Drawing on this refined craft, the print is a playful take on traditional Japanese patterns and symbols.

-A pair of hand rolled beeswax candles.

-A bar of luxury soap, made from all natural organic ingredients, and kinder on sensitive and allergy-prone skin.

Gift wrapped in tissue paper

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