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A collection of flower and leaf shaped incense with fragrances to match every season. Made from sandalwood, charcoal powder and natural oils on Japan’s Awaji island, an area with a history of more than 170 years of making incense.

For winter enjoy the scents of fresh pine and rich narcissus, broken by the plum blossom of early February. Spring brings the iconic sakura, hollyhock and Iris, followed by summer’s Hydrangea and Morning Glory. August is for Japanese bellflower, fruity and floral and the symbol of unwavering love, whilst September heralds chrysanthemums, representing rejuvenation and the royal Emblem of Japan. October’s maple leaf is sweet and woody, a symbol of leaves carried on the wind and time passing. And finally before winter arrives again, appreciate November’s earthy ginkgo, symbolising longevity.

You can enjoy the ambient scent by placing the incense on the ceramic stand (included), or for a deeper aroma break off a piece to burn on a non-flammable dish. Ideal for quiet moments.

Packaged in a crepe paper envelope.

Gift wrapped in tissue paper

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