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Trellick Tower Photozine


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Published by Café Royal Books, an independent publisher based in Southport, England, this photozine features images by fine art photographer Craig Atkinson.

Trellick Tower Cheltenham Estate, commonly known as Trellick Tower, a Grade II listed Brutalist tower block in Kensal Town, London. Opened in 1972, it was last the last major project worked on by Ernő Goldfinger. Goldfinger designed the entire tower block freehand on butcher's paper and purposefully put slight variations in the structure so that each apartment would look different. He included a number of space-saving designs, such as using sliding doors to access bathrooms, and light switches embedded in the door surrounds. The tower is believed to have been the inspiration behind J. G. Ballard's dystopian novel 'High Rise' during its 1970's decline.

Third edition, first published in 2013, 28 pages.

Gift wrapped in tissue paper

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