Nerikiri Wagashi Workshop

Learn how to make fresh handmade Japanese confectionery

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Foundland store is throwing a party! Come join us and learn how to make fresh wagashi, delicate handmade Japanese confectionery, with expert Mutsumi.

Nerikiri are a particularly elegant and decorative type of wagashi, often paired with green tea and served at Japanese tea ceremonies. They’re as much an art form as they are tasty, often reflecting nature, the seasons and even poetry.

In this workshop you’ll learn to create an adorable cat-shaped sweet and a beautiful sakura, both with a soft filling.

This will be a small group so you’ll get lots of step-by-step guidance from Mutsumi and we’ll be serving tea to enjoy alongside. You’ll learn the techniques to recreate the sweets at home and most importantly will get to take away two delicious treats to eat.

These sweets will be vegan and gluten-free but not allergen-free. For ages 13+, but we advise children are accompanied by an adult on a separate ticket.