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Mizunasu Dyed Kitchen Towel


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A pure cotton towel woven by heritage manufactuers Fukuroya Towel, who have been making towels in Osaka since 1926.

It’s been naturally dyed with mizunasu eggplant from Sakai city, harvested by local farms but too misshapen to sell, that would have otherwise gone to waste.

This highly absorbent towel is woven to stand even hard work in the kitchen.

Compared to conventional vegetable dyeing, which has a tendency to fade, Fukuroya dip their cotton in the dye several times, so the colour remains vibrant after washing.

Fukuroya are keen to connect their towels with the earth: using only natural cotton and natural dyes to preserve the all beautiful pure colours of nature.

Measures approx. 90 x 23cm. 100% cotton. Machine wash with similar colours.

Gift wrapped in tissue paper

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