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Spicy Miso and Almond Paste


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A jar full of perfectly balanced miso paste from Japan, to add some authentic flavour to your East Asian cooking.

Enjoy on steamed rice, in ramen broth, to enhance a panko crust, make miso butter and marinades or add to stir fries.

Nutty almonds and sesame seeds enhance the tangy richness of the miso, with an extra spicy kick from the chilli oil.


Ingredients and allergens: Miso Soybean Paste (Soy), Saccharide (Sugar, Starch Syrup), Sesame Seeds, Almond (Nuts), Granulated Vegetable Protein, Mirin (Alcohol), Chilli Oil, Chilli Pepper / Seasoning (Amino Acid, MSG), Spices. Also contains Soy, Sesame, Nuts.

Gift wrapped in tissue paper

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