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Sei Ceremonial Grade Matcha


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This ceremonial-grade matcha is grown in the revered tea fields of Uji, Japan, where leaves are meticulously shade-grown and selectively harvested before being ground into a fine powder. Stone grinding can introduce heat to the tea, so it is done extremely slowly; about 30g per hour. This process concentrates chlorophyll and other nutrients into the leaves, and results in a beautiful green colour and increased health benefits.

Featuring a bold green hue, sweet aroma and robust flavour, this premium matcha brings the best qualities of green tea to the drinker. Our matcha is versatile enough to be enjoyed every day, and is equally suitable for cooking or drinking.

Ingredients: powdered green tea. Volume 30g. From Uji, Japan. This matcha is certified organic by JONA (Japan Organic & Natural Foods Association). Keep stored in a cool, dark place. For optimal flavour best used within 6 months of opening.

Gift wrapped in tissue paper

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