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Miso Making Kit


Sourdough is soooo 2020. Now it’s all about koji and miso. With its sweet chestnut aroma, miso is a fermented paste that is used to provide complexity and depth to authentic Asian cooking.

This kit contains all you need to start making your own miso including koji rice (that’s effectively the starter), soybeans, sea salt and instructions.

You’d be amazed how many foods can use it as a base. Beyond the traditional miso soup, miso can add a savoury saltiness to polenta, pasta, meat, fish and salads, and added to caramel it’s the ultimate sweet-salty hit.

Then there’s Nobu’s famous miso-marinated black cod. Even a posh supermarket rhyming with Raitrose has started selling a miso brownie.

Umami awaits inside.

Please note that we cannot ship this product outside of the UK.

Gift wrapped in tissue paper

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