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Tsukimi Tea Bowl


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Influenced by Japanese and Korean techniques and folk pottery, our delicate tea bowls are hand thrown on the potters wheel in the UK and wood fired by veteran potter Lisa Armour-Brown. Inspired by natural surroundings: sea, sky, earth and fire, each piece is strikingly individual. In Japan, ’Tsukimi’ are festivals celebrating the full moon. The wood firing brings out moon-like craters in the milky surface of the pieces.

The bowls have an open shape, which helps your drink to cool down a bit faster, and are a good size to soothingly cup with both hands. They’re also pretty versatile, a good size and shape for a pinch pot, useful for salts and spices on the table.

Measures approx. 14 cm in diameter at its widest. Each piece is individually handcrafted so small variations in colour, shape and size will occur depending upon where in the kiln the piece was fired. Designed to be used daily, the piece is dishwasher safe but to keep it at its best we recommended that you hand-wash after use.

Gift wrapped in tissue paper

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