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Nami Katakuchi Pitcher Medium


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Katakuchi: a spouted pitcher, used for pouring sake or as a serving jug for sauces and salad dressing. This piece can also be used as a chawan for preparing matcha.

Crafted for us by Japanese ceramicist Isao Kimura of the Rising Kiln, the piece shows traces of the maker's hand. Based in a mountain pottery overlooking the forests of Saitama, Isao's work is inspired by the earth and sea, volcanoes, fire and sky.

The curvaceous pinched form and layers of speckled turquoise glaze evoke gentle waves.

Veteran potter Isao is renowned for his innovative glazes, working in the Oribe style and embracing eccentricity. Organic shapes and unusual piercing of the glaze and characterise the work. Individually handcrafted, each piece is absolutely one-of-a-kind.

European exclusive.

Measures approx. 15cm at its longest.

For longevity we recommend that you hand wash the piece and avoid using to serve foods which could stain.

Gift wrapped in tissue paper

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