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Amanogawa Serving Dish

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These beautiful ceramic dishes are handmade and wood fired. Each piece when it comes out of the kiln has subtle differences in flashing, light ash deposits and glaze, all dependent upon how the flame has passed by and between the work. ‘Amanogawa’ refers to the Milky Way in Japanese, literally a ‘heavenly river’, reminiscent in the densely speckled glaze. The unusual firing in a wood kiln also gives the dishes a contrasting raw, scorched base.

Each piece is individually handcrafted so small variations in colour, shape and size will occur depending upon where in the kiln the piece was fired. Designed to be used daily, the piece is dishwasher safe but to keep it at its best we recommended that you hand-wash after use. Approx 20.5cm in diameter.

Gift wrapped in tissue paper

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