Image of The Palestinian Table Cookbook

The Palestinian Table Cookbook


150 delicious recipes from Middle Eastern home cooking, accompanied by stories, photos and anecdotes. The author Reem Kassis is Palestinian and shares recipes from her grandmothers', mother's, and aunts' kitchens.

We’re talking the classics- kubbeh, shakshuka, a good hummus, and those incredibly moreish spinach and cheese pastries which account for my waistline.

Then you’ve got recipes for celebrations and entertaining- spiced lambs and fish, casseroles, oven bakes and tahini sauces.

Plus much more including sections on breads, salads and ‘mahashi’ aka stuffed vegetables.

Finish with the creamy pistachio and milk pudding. Heaven.

As endorsed by the late Anthony Bourdain, high praise indeed.

Gift wrapped in tissue paper

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