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Hey! Hattori Photobook


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A love story told through photography: back in 2011, a ginger cat fled Futaba, a town in Fukushima, when the earthquake struck. He found himself outside the house of photographer Yashushi Mori, who began to document this loveable rogue, named “Hattori”.

I mean, Hattori looks totally bananas but, as fellow cat-lovers will attest, when they treat you mean it keeps you keen.

“As I spent time with Hattori-kun, I gradually became attracted by his solitariness and at the same time his loveliness...This photograph collection is a story of love I and Hattori-kun have spun together.”

Yashushi Mori

Hardback. Mainly photos but technically trilingual: English, Japanese and meow meow.

Gift wrapped in tissue paper

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