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Orizome Paper Kit


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We found these orizome kits at the Awagami mill in Tokushima, Japan, where the Fujimori family has been making washi paper for 8 generations since 1825. The mill is perfectly located for paper production, set within a valley of rolling mountains next to the Kawata river.

Using only natural fibres, Awagami produces washi from natural fibers: Kozo, Bamboo, Mitsumata, Gampi and Hemp. Each sheet is made by hand using traditional techniques and the brand has become the go-to for artists and photographers alike.

Orizomegami is the Japanese art of decorating papers through origami folding and dip dyeing. Create your own beautifully patterned papers following the simple English instructions. The set contains ten sheets of Awagami Shunsetsu paper and a selection of dyes.

Gift wrapped in tissue paper

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