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Japanese Swallow Whittling Kit


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We found these DIY wood whittling kits in Japan and couldn’t wait to bring them back.

This lovely swallow is the perfect weekend project. Whittle away the block form to your desired shape, sand down any rough edges and then paint to finish. The kit comes with its own metal stand to display pride of place.

In Japan, swallows are symbolic of good luck and the return of Spring.

Wrapped in fun Japanese packaging, they’d also make a great gift for someone who loves making things, as a first step into the world of woodcraft.

The kit contains a Japanese Cedar wood bird blank and pedestal, three grades of sandpaper, a metal stand, black gouache paint and a paintbrush. A knife is not included as part of the kit, but a small craft knife or pen knife would be sufficient.

This kit is intended for both beginners and experienced woodcrafters. Suitable for older children with careful adult supervision. To make sure the adults don’t muck it up.

Gift wrapped in tissue paper

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