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Japanese Papermaking Kit


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Create your own washi (handmade Japanese paper) following the simple instructions. The set has everything needed to make 40-50 handmade paper postcards.

It's made by the Awagami mill in Tokushima, Japan, where the Fujimori family has been making washi paper for eight generations since 1825. The mill is perfectly located for paper production, set within a valley of rolling mountains next to the Kawata river. Their paper is made by hand using traditional techniques and only natural fibres, and the brand is known worldwide for their artist-quality washi.

This kit replicates the traditional Japanese techniques of washi paper-making on a smaller scale, to recreate at home. Spread wetted paper pulp on to the mat and shake to help the fibres become entwined. Add dried flowers or leaves to add a new dimension.

Or just use for all that hate mail you’ve been meaning to send out

Read our guide to using the kit in the Journal.

Contains a paper making frame (‘Keta’), a bamboo mat (the ‘Su’), compressed paper pulp (mulberry aka 'Kozo') that can be re-soaked to form sheets, chemical binding agent and English instructions.

The frame measures approx. 215 x 130mm including handles and is made from recycled plastic.

Gift wrapped in tissue paper

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