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Cat Hariko Ornament Kit


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Hariko is the Japanese art of making animal figurines from papier-mâché, a craft dating back to the Mingei folk art period.

A riff on the traditional hariko, these kits let you paint and decorate your own personal hariko cat figurine. Felt tip, acrylic paint, decoupage, polyfilla, old copies of Horse & Hound, stickers- go wild!

They’re created by an organisation near Nara, Japan, which offers jobs and opportunities for persons with disabilities and otherwise facing barriers to employment. Each piece is made by hand.

Contains the cat blank and comes gift boxed.

May contain nuts. Genuinely- in the mix. Contains the cat blank only. The painted version photographed shows what is possible: just call me PiCATso.

Presented in a gift box and tissue paper.

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