Image of Hokusai Hodogaya Hand Towel

Hokusai Hodogaya Hand Towel


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A fluffy towel made in Senshu (the birthplace of Japanese towel production), decorated by a traditional embroidery atelier and tied with a tasseled band. Contemporary design marries with traditional techniques.

‘Hodogaya on the Tokaido Road’ is a famous ukiyoe print from 1830 by the artist Hokusai (of ‘The Wave’ fame). Hodogaya was a famous spot to view Mount Fuji from between the pine trees, the first point at which travellers felt they had reached the countryside and truly left the metropolis of Edo (nowadays Tokyo) behind.

Folds up portable enough to carry around.

100% cotton. Measures approx. 36 x 34cm. Machine washable.

Gift wrapped in tissue paper

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