Barry the Cactus Grow Kit


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Hello, I’m Barry. I was once third in line to inherit a fashion empire, but after a terrible champagne-related yachting accident I’ve been reincarnated as a cactus. It’s OK. I get to hang out in Mexico a lot. There’s quite a lot of free tequila and the local ruffians know to stay away. I can be prickly…

Anyway, I’ve now gone in to the horticultural business. In my tin you’ll find everything you need to grow my prickly friends: soil and a blended variety of cactus seeds to produce different shapes and sizes, growing as tall as 30cm. With instructions included, you can start to grow the seedlings in the tin until they’re large enough for pots, all you need is a warm windowsill. A perfect gift for the green-fingered.

Please note that Barry cannot be shipped outside of the UK. He's got some long-standing beef with border customs.

Gift wrapped in tissue paper

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