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Energy Tea Set


A beautiful and unusual selection of teas, handpicked at small tea farms in Boseong and Hadong, Korea. Brew to boost vitality during the day.


Green tea with roasted rice. Nutty, autumnal flavour with a sweet finish. Good for elevating energy at the start of the day.

Black tea with cinnamon. Smoky, woody blend with hints of spice and sweetness. Great for gently warming up the body, a little boost in the afternoon.

Burdock root tea, made from dried burdock roots. Mild and earthy flavour with a touch of sweetness. Good served both hot or cold, ideal for ending the day on a bright note.

From Be-Oom, meaning ‘to empty’ in Korean. Traditionally in Korea, tea is key to meditation and mindfulness: take a moment in everyday life to drink some tea, empty the cup and find peace and quiet.

Please note that we cannot ship this product outside of Europe.

Gift wrapped in tissue paper

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