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Woodfired Tea Bowl Set


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Warm, organic, balanced, and unusual.

This tea bowl set, thrown and woodfired by British potter Lisa Armour Brown, has been decorated with traditional nuka, wood-ash, stone, and tenmoku glazes. The process of woodfiring creates pieces, such as these, that have a natural feel, with many facets and details to discover and enjoy as you use them.

Also ideal for miso soup!

Designed to be used daily, these bowls are dishwasher safe but to keep them at their best we recommended that you hand-wash after use.

Tenmoku - 11 cm across x 9 cm

Nuka - 11 cm across x 8 cm

Celadon - 12.5 cm across x 7 cm

Wood Ash - 11.5 cm across x 8.5 cm

Gift wrapped in tissue paper

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