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Shuro Small Broom


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Why should brushes and brooms be banished into hiding? This special brush is as much a display piece for the wall as a functional object. Put on show, it will soon become your favourite part of the home. A sparkling cleaning corner, if you will.

It’s made from Shuro, aka soft woven palm fibres, bound together with stainless steel wire and with a Japanese Cypress wooden handle. Since Shuro is so fine, it doesn’t damage floor surfaces and catches dust effectively.

Made by the hands of the master craftsmen at the Takada Tawashi atelier in Japan. They’re the experts: the workshop has been crafting trivets, brushes and brooms in their Wakayama workshop for over 70 years, techniques passed down generation to generation.

Measures approx. 31cm long including handle.

Gift wrapped in tissue paper

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